Who's in Mission?

Jeff ShearierI’m writing this after spending a day in a meeting of our Synod’s Board for International Mission. I didn’t really know what to expect. I have to confess a certain amount of uneasiness as I traveled to St. Louis. I questioned my judgment in agreeing to serve on a committee that I imagined would involve long, dull meetings focused on procedures. After today, I no longer question that decision.

I am pleased to report that there are excited people committed to Christ’s mission working hard to connect people with Jesus. There are opportunities the Lord is calling us to assume in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Hanging out with these folks has left me feeling refreshed. Hanging out with these folks reminds me that Bethlehem “works together with God” in mission at several levels.

We work together at your level. You’re out there in the mission field each day. Each of us is someone the Lord of the harvest has sent. Whether your field is your place of employment, your neighborhood, your classroom or your family, the Lord can use your witness to His Gospel love and mercy to touch the lives of others. Our Service Team, our LWML, our ECC, Kindergarten, Comforts of Home and other outreach efforts—even the upcoming “Trunk or Treat” event—are ways that are a part of Bethlehem working together with God to touch the lives of our neighbors to “soften” their hearts to the Gospel. As we are members of the larger, national and international church through our membership in the Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod, we are working together with God and so many others to make that “Gospel” difference in the lives of people across the world.

It might be a silly illustration but in Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who’” the message isn’t heard until all the voices of all the Whos join together. My meeting today reminded me that this Who needed to add his voice. We are together the Church speaking (and living) the invitation to the world that Christ’s forgiveness and mercy are here.

Pastor Jeff Shearier