Building Up the Family of God

One of the ways that we word our mission statement here at Bethlehem is to say that we are “building the family of God through relationship with Jesus Christ.” Building…building how? Building on what? There’s been a lot in the news lately about infrastructure—bridges, roads, dams all in need of repair, in need of rebuilding. There’s been a lot lately in our Bethlehem community about infrastructure: the repair of our roof.

So we need a good foundation—and a good roof—to build the place where we live together as the family of God. Can we also talk about a good foundation—a good infrastructure— when we are building the family of God? We can. To answer the question about what we build on; we build on the Word of God. We are built—the Holy Spirit picks up the pieces and builds us on the foundation of the Word of God. We also build—Paul reminds us that we work together with God in mission and ministry.

There’s that second question: how are we building the family of God? One way is to create a network of small groups that supports the larger family of God here at Bethlehem. Someone once told me that everyone builds their own congregation. His point was that it is difficult to have a deep, personal relationship with everyone in a congregation— so everyone develops their own network of relationships that come to define that congregation for them. Who is Bethlehem to you? Read more . . .

Pastor Jeff Shearier